Tuesday, January 14, 2014

No More IPhone, Hello Samsung Galaxy S4!

So I finally ditched my IPhone. Hello Purple Samsung Galaxy S4! And yes I was so itching to go back to my IPhone 4S but I stuck it out.

This phone does everything! Its more like a computer So much more than my Apple IPhone 4S I had. I am actually blogging on my Samsung now through the original blogger website. No APP needed! All of the blogger functions on the website page is a available for me to use. Also Etsy is so essy to use on here .Unbelievable!

So there is many more pros to this and I have to get use to the size of it. A whole lot bigger than an IPHONE. You know the color was another great thing i liked.

BUT THIS ALSO means New cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming!

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